St. Augustine Big Brothers/Big Sisters: Tips for Kids sake Tuesday Night!

by Sean Hess (, Broker and Manager for St. Augustine Team Realty (

Kate and I will be supporting Tips for Kids Sake this Tuesday at Raintree.  If you can’t join us there you should try one of these other fine restaurants:

The 15th Annual Tips for Kids Sake will provide an opportunity to enjoy a great dinner, be entertained and support a good cause, all at the same time.  Over 150 local Celebrities are volunteering their time for this annual fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of St. Johns County


This ever popular event places Celebrity Waiters at restaurants where they wait tables and all their tips go to Big Brothers Big Sisters.  “We are so grateful to our Celebrity Waiters, many of whom step out of their comfort zone to volunteer their time as a Waiter for this event.  They truly are the ones who make this successful” says Teresa Andrews, Fund Development Director.  This year’s event is being hosted by 17 restaurants and takes place on Tuesday, Feb. 2 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. 



Tips is the major fundraiser of the year for Big Brothers Big Sisters of St. Johns County, a program of EPIC Community Services which worked with 225 children last year.  The money goes to expand mentoring programs throughout St. Johns County.  This year’s event is especially important in this economic climate as other funding sources are shrinking.  “Even if folks aren’t going out to dinner as much, we hope that they’ll choose to go out to a Tips restaurant knowing that their tip will be supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters” says Andrews.


I Want to Participate!
How can I support Tips for Kids Sake?
Make reservations with your favorite restaurant! Then come out to eat with your friends and family on February 2nd.
Below is a listing of all participating restaurants and the celebrity waiters for each location. Call the phone number listed and make your reservation today!

Aqua Grill:  Brock Fazzini, Travis Hutson, Reba Ludlow & Jason Thomas (for reservations, call 285-3017)


Barnacle Bills Beachside:  Dr. Bert Tavary, Dr. Michael Versaggi, David Bradfield, John David, County Commissioner Ron Sanchez, Amy & Wade Taylor, Matt Cornelison & Kyle Spitler (for reservations, call 471-2434)


Barnacle Bills Downtown:  Bill Young, Colin Bingham, Kerri Hartley,Flynn Bevill, Hugh Holborn, Col Mickey Duren, Col. Perry Hagaman, Christy Johnston, Brittanie Ponce, Jessica Steinbeck (for reservations, call 824-3663)


Bogey Grill:  Fred Scott, Taylor Reynolds, Barbara Glynn, Brooks Ann Meierdierks, Stephanie Rogers, Dr. John Trainer, Tracy Yost, Dan Pickett, MJ DeNardo, George Fetherstone, Rich Maguire, Ken Smith, David Dunlap (for reservations, call 285-5524)


Creekside Dinery:  Robert Nettles, Jeremy Gordon, Jonathan Gordon, Mimi & Larry Paine (for reservations, call 829-6113)


Gypsy Bar & Grill:  Marlene Ahearn, Candy Burney, Celia Colee, Merry Colee, Donna Comeau, Bob Dirmyer, Laura Duke, Shirley Fiano, Todd Grady, Kevin Haynie, Amanda Hill, Heather Hunter, Chris Kamienski, Dena Kapperman, Brandon Oborne, Randy Peterson, Jason Raymond, Jim Roberti & Kenny Vece – all of Prosperity Bank (for reservations, call 829-9986)


Gypsy Cab Company:  Patrick Canan, Dan Mowrey, David Upchurch, Philip McDaniel, Carlos Mendoza, Holly Sheppard, Paul Cappiello, Christina Guyette, Bill Abare, Stephanie Hunter, Sheila Brown, Micah Clukey & Nicole Nazzarese (for reservations, call 829-9986)


Hurricane Grill & Wings:  members of the Kiwanis Club of Historic St. Augustine (for reservations, call 471-7120)


Purple Olive:  Steve Marrazzo, Carinne Marrazzo, Zeke Williams, Dr. Ashley Paper, Perry & Sasha Unwalla, Jennifer Reed (for reservations, call 461-1250)


Raintree Restaurant:  James McCune, Kassandra Shugars, Chris France, Leanna Freeman, Ben Rich, Rhett Davis, Jimmy & Jessica Alexander, Paul McGuire, Tara Vighetti, Melissa Bougeous, Lauren Beardsley, Holly Itnyre, Angela Redmon, Teri Shoemaker, Laura Vaccaro & Erin Warrell (for reservations, call 824-7211)


Saltwater Cowboys:  Eric Norton, Bruce Benet, Sharon & Ben Adams, JB & Bonnie Burney, Ashley Casey, Raymond Gregory (for reservations, call 471-2332)


Seafood Kitchen:  Anne Heymen, Sara Hetherington, Tom Sczces, Rene Naughton, Jennifer Edwards, Peter & Debbie Wintish – the St. Augustine Record Crew & Friends, Deputy Joe Bowen, John Cerone, Maggie Mallis, Patricia O’Connell – SJC Sheriff’s Office (for reservations, call 829-9986)


Shannon’s Irish Pub: Ken & Tanya Arnett, Kathy Bravo, Nicole Holland, Edie Jarrell, Katie Lay, Marci Skinner, Betsy Wierda (for reservations, call 230-9670)


Shellfish Grill:  Lou Noir-Jones, Pastor Bob May, Vince Fattizzi, Suzy Evans, Michelle Gonzalez, Lane Feezor, Tina Smith (for reservations, call 940-4700)


South Beach Grill:  Tim Helfinstine, Chief Richard Hedges, Dr. Jerry Weed, Dr. Richard Johnson, Dr. Jose Concha, Beth O’Neill, John Reardon (for reservations, call 471-8700)


The Reef:  Deena Fudge, Katy Triay, Heather Fritz, Susie Curtis, Laurel Madson, Meridith Strout (for reservations, call 824-8008)

Zhanra’s:  St. Augustine Mayor Joe Boles, Jane Boles, Todd Neville, Josh Romaine, Kristy & Len Weeks, Dylan & Tina Rumrell (for reservations, call 823-3367)


Reservations are strongly encouraged for those folks who would like to attend Tips for Kids Sake and enjoy good food and entertainment while helping out a great cause.  For more information, contact Big Brothers Big Sisters at (904) 829-9986 or visit .

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